Rakuwakai Kyoto Nursing School

It is a new construction project for a nursing school run by a medical corporation based in Kyoto’s Yamashina area. Our goal was to design an architecture that embraced the everyday activities of the students and the people in the community.

The building’s shape actively incorporates the streamline-shaped road running along the school in a north-south direction, smoothly connecting the new nursing school to the south with the existing hospitals to the north. A series of windows with large openings along the street gives a glimpse of the students learning to the community, while bringing in the view of Misasagi’s mountain range.

The gentle-looking curved wall is covered with beige bricks, suggesting that memories dwell in each of these small bricks and remain beyond the times.

The original meaning of the word “monument” is “to remind.” The architecture is designed to become a “monument” that reminds people living in its vicinity, current students, and medical professionals who graduated from the school that there is a place they can always return to.


Vocational school
Total floor area
5,723 m²
TT Architects