The word texture originates from a word meaning “to weave.” Textiles are created using various yarns, each with a distinct color and material, woven together in concert while bringing out their unique qualities. In the same manner, by beautifully weaving together disparate material components, such as stone, tile, metal, or concrete, like “textile,” we offer architecture imbued with textures that can be worn like clothes. Because what underlies a fertile life is an architecture with rich qualities that touches people’s heartstrings through its texture.

In our 20th-century capitalist society that goes hand in hand with mass production and mass consumption, crafts have been regarded as a time-consuming old technology and pushed to a vulnerable position. Each craft technique has its own irreplaceable charms but also hard-to-handle characteristics. Instead of designing architecture created by mechanically composing standardized parts, we aim to design spatial harmony that vividly reveals the uniqueness of each craft technique and quality of the material. We believe that this is where the core of architectural design lies.


Naohisa Hosoo
Born in Milan in 1981 and grew up in Kyoto. He graduated from Rakusei Senior High School. At Kindai University, he studied under Kojin Karatani and Kenjiro Okazaki at the Institute of International Center for Human Sciences and graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Engineering. After studying at Politecnico di Milano, he joined David Chipperfield Architects. Upon returning to Japan from Italy, he established HOSOO architecture in Kyoto in 2015. First-class Registered Architect in Japan. On note, he writes about the Theory of Crafts and Architecture.


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First-class Registered Architect Office HOSOO architecture Co., Ltd.
Registration number: Registered by Prefectural Governor of Kyoto (05A), No. 03530
Licensed managing architect: Naohisa Hosoo
Date of registration: May 1, 2023
Office: Agora Higashiyama 111, Yumiyacho 72, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0817, Japan
Mail: mail@hosoo-architecture.com