Our Method of Creation

When creating architecture, it is common to outsource the entire construction process to a construction company and, for the design, combine ready-made items found in catalogs.
We do not follow this path. Instead, we work directly with various craftspeople who have their own specialties, such as plastering, smithery, carpentry, and gilding, to bring out the hidden qualities of the technologies and material and create our original value.

The Wiener Werkstätte, from early-20th-century Austria, held the Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art) as its ideal and strove to enrich people’s lives by designing a space as a whole, from architecture to small everyday objects.
We also aim to weave various specialties, from structure to MEP, interior, and furniture, into a single Gesamtkunstwerk and present a rich and beautiful space that feels like a garment touching the heartstrings.


Gold leaf fixing

A gold leaf so thin that it could be blown away is very carefully transferred by hand to the 3 mm wide stainless-steel flat bar welded to the framework.


Polished terrazzo

White cement and the green marble “serpentine” variety are mixed together, applied to the surface with a spatula and then are polished with a grinding machine. The feeling of the glossy polished concrete is juxtaposed to the rough expression of the rammed earth.


Rammed earth

It is built by assembling a mould from Japanese Cedar board and ramming down 3 different types of earth, red, medium coarse and fine sand earth every 10 cm. After being compacted down in the formwork, the mould is removed and resin is sprayed to limit the water absorbency of the surface.


Sumi-ink plaster

One of the transitional plaster-making processes is to mix Japanse sumi-ink with plaster and apply it. This is an extremely difficult finish which requires great ability from the artisan.


Stone fixing

A prepared slate (Genshoseki) of 15 cm in width is installed in order to harden the feel of the soft Wilton carpets covering the whole floor surface and to frame the edge of the floor.